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Eagles  Eye Home Inspection 
Giving You Peace Of Mind In Your Home Purchase



January 27, 2011


Eagles Eye Home Inspection is a locally and family owned company specializing in affordable home and mold inspection. Our philosophy has always been to educate our customers about the home they’re purchasing. Our goal is to help our customers make  an informed decision.

To Our Customers
We thank you for providing us the opportunity in serving you. We thank you for your business.

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Home Care & Repair

Cosmetic Surgery Carpet

To repair a snag running in your carpet with woven loops, you will need the following supplies:  scissors, small screw driver and carpet steam adhesive.
1) Cut out the snagged yarn;  2) Place masking tape along both sides of the empty space where you cut the snag;  3) Carefully squeeze a heavy bead of adhesive into the run (empty space);  4) Use your screwdriver to press the previously cut snagged ya
rn into the empty space spots where the original adhesive clings to the yarn into the adhesive.

Avoid a Flood With Steel-belted Washer Holes
If your washing machine is connected to bare rubber hoses, you're risking thousands of dollars' worth of water damage.  These hoses are prone to leaks or even bursting under constant water pressure; which is why the building codes say that the water supply should be shut off when the washer isn't in use, unless it is connected to a no-burst hose.  No-burst hoses are encased in a woven metal sleeve that prevents weak spots in the rubber from developing into leaks.  The hoses are inexpensive at most home centers, and they are very easy to install.

Slight Turn of the Dial
Makes Water Heaters Safe

Plain old tapwater can be dangerous.  Each year, thousands are sent to the hospital for burns (mostly children) due to water hearters set too high.  A setting of 120 degrees F is recommended by most safety experts, but finding that setting on the dial is not easy.  Most dials are not labeled with numbers.  If you do not have the owner's manual and there is no sticker on your water heater to tell you how to set the temperature, use this method:  Run your hot water at the tap closest to the water heater for at least three minutes.  Fill a glass and check the temperature (you may use a cooking thermometer).  If the water is above 120 degrees, adjust the dial, and wait three minutes and check again.  Repeat until you get 120-degree water.  For the final test, check the temperature the following morning before anyone uses hot water.

Workshop Tips (CD bin storage)
Keep those empty CD containers.  Roost them upside down under a shelf to hold your workshop hardware, screws, nails, or tape, etc.  Cut off the plastic posts on the lids, then screw the lids to the underside of a shelf with a couple of screws so they will not spin around when you twist the CD container.

Get Rid of Those Old Stickers on Your Bumper!
For at least 10 minutes, try soaking the sticker in warm soapy water, then take a plastic putty knife and get under a corner and start working it loolse.  Do Not Use a metal scapper or razor blade, because they will scratch your bumper.  If the sticker still will not come off, wipe off the soap solution and spray the sticker with WD-40.  Let it absorb and try scraping again. The WD-40  will loosen the adhesive and serve as a lubricant for the putty knife without scratching your car.  If you still have some adhesive left after the sticker is removed, dab rubbing alcohol onto a clean rag and scrub until it is gone.  Wash and dry the area and put on a coat of wax.  

Removing water rings from furniture

Mix baking soda and tooth paste together, make sure that you mix it with a thick paste consistency. Next find a lint-free cloth and damp it with water, apply the paste in a circular motion, occasionally wiping it clean until the moisture is gone.

Removing bathroom mildew

Mix 2 cups of bleach per gallon of hot water from your faucet. This will be less expensive on your wallet than purchasing commercial cleaners and it's just effective.

Patching nails holes

You can fill/patch nail holes by using a mixture of white glue and baking soda.

Repairing a stripped hinge screw hole(s)

Remove the screws and hinge. Tap a wooden golf tee into the holes that is stripped out. Make sure it's a snug fit. Score the tee on one side and tap it in the opposite direction so it breaks off flush to the door jamb surface. Pre-drill into the golf tee with the appropriate bit size for the screw and reattach the hinge to the door jamb.

Keeping shower mirror from steaming-up

To stop your shower mirrio from steaming-up use car paste wax. Apply car paste wax to mirrio and buff with a soft cloth.



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